Welcome to the official documentation of the Supervised AI Open Studio. This knowledge graph will guide you to learn Supervised AI's Open Studio platform, alongwith the Open API, endpoints and supported features.

What is Supervised AI?

Supervised AI is a unified LLM development infrastructure for building, iterating and deploying AI agents, models, projects and applications. We are trusted by 12,000+ teams globally including organisations like Columbia University, Revscale, UFM, Waltz7, etc.

We facilitate AI adoption for users by providing model development, fine-tuning, iteration and API infrastructure, all through a unified interface, backed by no-code and low-code tech stacks.

How Supervised AI works?

We let users build and manage all their AI-related development workflows from a single platform. From building agents, to deploying tuned models and utilising them in their projects via API, we make sure that our users don't have to switch back and forth between platforms.

Depending upon the use-case and infrastrcture of Supervised AI, our users can do the following tasks over our platform :

  • No-code agent creation

  • Custom chatbot creation

  • AGI backend development

  • Model fine-tuning

  • Custom model development


🌐 Open Studio

Unified interface to develop agents, instantly fine-tune in-house or 3rd party language models and use them with Supervised Open API directly into your AI projects.

Comes in both - free and paid option with the later consisting access to features like Supervised Vision, larger models, etc.

🔑 Open API

Open API provides access to 10+ AI models (including Supervised Open 3.5 Turbo & Open 7B Max) for free. You can use the Open Studio to instantly fine-tune models and then use them via this API service to back your AI projects.

With Open API, you can go from deploying a model on your computers to accessing models that are already deployed by us, saving huge time and resources.

🚀LLM Studio

Enterprise-first platform for building your own language models, backed by your own data. You can build custom fine-tuned or from-scratch models using LLM Studio. The dynamic platform then lets you access these models anywhere via our Enterprise API.

This is a single platform to build, iterate, and deploy your models. Furthermore, you can turn on managed mode to let our expert developers handle the model development for you.

🔐 Enterprise API

Works parallely with LLM Studio to let you access your custom models anywhere on the internet. This extends the limits of your models as you can use your model not only on our Studio but anywhere you want it to be.

This API is compatible in working with other APIs like Carbon, Puppeteer, etc.


Creating an account

To get started, create a free account at Supervised AI. Upon signing up, you get 15,000 API calls/mo free. Book a 15-minutes onboarding call to let our team give you a demo and generate your API credentials.

Alternatively, you can signup for free from here.

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