How use to Enhancer?

Enhancers helps you customise the capabilities of your AI applications by letting you add contexts, select models, temprature, and add more customisations.

Here's a brief description of everything that you can customise :

  1. Context : Here, you can define the behavior of your AI. You can say that contexts are the brain of your AI. You can write your prompts in detail allowing you to give detailed description, add references and more to back your AI's outputs.

  2. Model : This lets's you switch between the desired models - Vision, Text, OpenAI's GPT3, etc.

  3. Temperature : This is the level of creativity and randomness of your AI. 0 means the least creative, 10 means the most. By default, 05 is the selected temprature.

  4. Name : This is the name of your AI used during conversations.

  5. Start Sentence : This is the phrase with which the AI greets its users.

  6. Default placeholder text : This is the default placeholder text on user's message field.

  7. Maximum Input Character : This is the maximum character limit that your users can use to write their input.

  8. Send Button : This is where you can customise the send message button of your project. By default, it is set to 'Send'.

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