Who are we?

Supervised AI is a cloud infrastructure platform for AI & LLM development. We are primarily focused on letting decision-makers build and iterate AI MVPs by their own and then letting them scale the project by either inviting their developers or letting our devs build it for them.

Supervised is currently live in more than 100 nations powering the AI infrastructure of 12,000+ teams globally. More than 15,000+ projects have been deployed on Supervised and is used by some global names like Coulumbia University, UFM, Revscale, One Roof Media, etc.

Who is working behind the scenes?

Supervised is built and managed by engineers and researcher from IIT-Patna (Indian Institute of Technology, Patna), which is one of the most prestigious technical institutes in India.

The project is being led by Udit, still pursuing his Bachelors from IIT-Patna, but has already been active in machine learning field since 2019. His prev. venture, Bully AI was acquired in 2021 and since then, Udit has been working on building sustainable AI infrastructure for businesses and developers.

In addition, the team has more disruptive minds involved from Bangalore (the Silicon Valley of India) to power the next generation of AI.

In total, there are 5 team members actively managing everything at Supervised AI.

How does the borad looks? Is VC money involved? Are you bootstrapped?

The current board of Supervised AI has 5 members - Udit (active), Madhubala Shrivastava (passive), Ekta Akhouri(passive), Deepak Gupta(passive) and Aditi Raj(active).

Except Udit & Aditi, each member of the board has made a small investment for covering the costs of MVP development and have added significant value to the platform and therefore acquired a seat in the board.

The early investment helped Supervised cover the costs pre-revenue. Since June, 2023, Supervised AI has funded its own expenses and researches.

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